EYE Project research phase has started

⇢The first intellectual output of EYE will integrate a cross-country research based on desk analysis and surveying about the educational needs of young people in and through sport in connection with the identification of existing offer and the analysis of the mismatches resulting from the comparison between the “demand” side represented by learners and the “supply” side provided by established offer/approaches.

Research will be based on a combination of:

⇢- Directly surveying stakeholders at the local level in each country ⇢- Desk analysis on academic literature, best practices, public policies, curricula, policies and priorities of the stakeholder sectors

⇢Surveying will be performed through the online submission of a questionnaire to youngsters with disability and stakeholders in each country.

Two questionnaires will be produced, one for youngsters and one for the stakeholders.

⇢The scope of surveying will comprise:

⇢- 15 disadvantaged young people with intellectual disability in each partner country.

⇢- 15 stakeholders per partner country.

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