EYE call for participants – TC in Italy

ETS for Youth Equality (EYE) is a 24 months strategic partnership in the field of youth addressing a group of young people who are affected by or deal with disability or impairment issues, aimed to create new educational opportunities and innovative approaches for the personal fulfilment of disadvantaged young people in Europe using the methodology of Education Through Sport (ETS) .

The short-term joint staff training event is conceived as an instrument of testing the educational format developed in IO1 as well as laying the grounds for the delivery of the manual for operators conceived as the final product of IO2. Participants will be 15 youth workers, sport trainers and coaches, 5 for each participating organization, dealing with young people practicing sport activities and affected by disabilities or impairments.
The methodology employed will be Education Through Sport, consisting in an educationally purposeful combination between Sport practice and Non Formal Education (NFE) methods/principles.

The training will be based on the format training course created in IO1. It will be a piloting activity of the training, therefore the participants will be asked to continuously provide feedback about the training, reviewing methodologies, activities and assumptions. Moreover, during the training the youth workers and sport trainers will be asked to provide insights and suggestions about the future IOs foreseen by the project, mostly the manual (IO2) and the video-tutorials (IO3).

The core focus of the educational activity will be to convey to participants soft skills and positive attitudes enhancing their personal development, the propensity to participate in further learning and continuous training and the ability to enhance social inclusion of disabled or impaired young trainees.

Period of delivery: 12-19/12/2019

Location: Sassari, Sardegna, Italy

Full infopack for the TC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6on6vflteo7szdn/INFOPACK_EYE_JOINT_STAFF_ITALY1.pdf?dl=0

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