EYE local testing events – Bulgaria

In the period June – October 2020, Bulgarian sports development association has tested the Education through sport methodology, created in the framework of ETS for Youth Equality (EYE) project as follows:

  • Shared games at Vitosha mountain

For the second year in a row, the “Shared Games” at Vitosha mountain, held on 6th of June 2020 became a big sports holiday with a significant social effect. The event gathered hundreds of people wanting to show and prove that people with less opportunities can #BeActive and engaged in physical activity and sport. The event also aims to provoke more tolerance and engaging attitude towards people with specific needs and their problems in modern society. During the event was tested some of the activities, developped by youth workers during the EYE training course in Italy in 2019 and the feedback from the participants and their relatives were more than positive.

  • EYE methods testing at National sports academy Vassil Levski

In the period June – December 2020 in National sports academy “Vassil Levski” was implemented another EYE testing event that also provided many positive emotions and as well learning possibility for the participating youngsters with ID. During the month, several testing events has been implemented.

  • EYE methodology presented to master degree Adapted physical activity and sport

During the annual practical summer camp for students in National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski” the students in master degree Adapted physical activity and sport was introduced to the EYE methodology that was sucessfully tested during the event.

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