EYE local actions in Italy

The implementation of the local face of EYE project took place between 06/10 until 03/11 of 2021, with total duration of 4 days of activities. During those activity days, the exercises from the ETS Manual implemented with the group and together with the local facilitators, we evaluated the effectiveness of the exercises. In the activities were involved 8 people with intellectual disabilities and 4 accompany persons, who are implement with them also other activities and the main objective was social inclusion through sports and empowerment of young people with disabilities with sports. All the activities implemented with the active participation of the entire group, which was a significant factor for the high-quality results of the activities. Focus groups was a key indicator for the activities, where participants gave their feedback in a simplistic way and the facilitators contribute to the improvement of the exercises.

Multiplier Event:

At 30th of November Mine Vaganti NGO implemented a Multiplier Event with the participation of 40 young people in the city of Sassari in Sardinia. The Multiplier Events had as main objective to disseminate the Intellectual Outputs and the results of the project, that the Consortium achieved through 24 months of implementation. The target group of the Multiplier Event were young people, with or without experience in activities with people with disabilities. Moreover, we achieved to inform the group about the obstacle that face a person with intellectual disabilities and who we can create a more livable society for them. In the parallel, we empower young people to use sport as a form of inclusion and show them that ETS is a tool that can apply in many variations and can have great impact for all of the target groups.

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